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What is All in One ?

Is a package that compile basic service , Finish in one package. For customer want have website and use Email Hosting , Include website design take only 5 days after received all data. You will have website and email for use immediately

1 Domain Name (Your website name)

Customers can choose to register 1 domain name, Whether .com or many other dot (.net .org .biz) that we provide. To use for the customer’s website and email

2 Service ShopUp Host



The price is include in package

  • 2 Language / 2 Currency
  • Up to 50 templates
  • Support one page website
  • Enable to use paypal and omise payment
  • * Live chat support / email support / telephone support


Additional Pay only
+720,000 kips

  • Unlimit languages and currencies
  • Feel free to use any template
  • Enable to use paypal and omise payment
  • Enable to use payment
  • Order notify by Line Notification
  • * Live chat support / email support / telephone support

3 Service Email (

Customer can use Email Hosting Increase reliability in work and business contact. Can use both Webmail and Outlook.

4 Website Design (Web Creation : take 5 days)

ShopUp for people who like to get things done, value price and live support to help making website in 5 day after received all data from customer

5 Install SSL (https://)

This package also include SSL installation throughout use the service Currently, All website both domestic and international require SSL to be installed to show that the website is safe. Customers who use this package do not have to waste the time for install SSL by yourself.

Our customers All in one package

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