Member System on LINE OA (CRM)

Make new customers, Maintain repeat customers

Member System on LINE OA with Backoffice System

  • Member Management
  • Rating System, Points System
  • Promotion Coupon
  • Staff Management
  • Rating via QR Code
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Member System on LINE OA

Member system for your shop on Line OA that you can use with your existing Line OA or create a new Line OA and connect with the old one. The system supports reward point system and coupon system that support QR code scan. You can choose to scan for rating or receive coupons via mobile phone
Forget the paper loyalty cards and the hassle of managing them. Because our system can do it online, can check immediately and more importantly, if you want more extra functions, we can add them.

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package LM1

250 members

  • 12 months 100 THB/month
  • 36 months 60 THB/month
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package LM2

500 members

  • 3 months 400 THB/month
  • 6 months 350 THB/month
  • 12 months 300 THB/month
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package LM3

2,000 members

  • 3 months 600 THB/month
  • 6 months 550 THB/month
  • 12 months 500 THB/month
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package LM4

5,000 members

  • 3 months 1,200 THB/month
  • 6 months 1,100 THB/month
  • 12 months 1,000 THB/month
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Increase convenience for your shop members

Shop Members use LINE OA

Feature for shop members

  • Promotion View promotion and touch to receive a coupon
  • Coupon Change points to cash coupon (QR code)
  • Point Reward Get reward points from the shop for every purchase
  • Usage History You can view usage history
  • Member Information Show information and easily edit basic information by yourself
  • User Manual Easy to use, but also has a user manual
  • Contact Shop Confident and safe because shop details are clearly visible
  • Setting Such as password for editing coupon details

​Backoffice system for shop owner, Easy to use

Feature for shop


Show Overview :

Can be displayed as a report, showing members who have registered and points used for the past 30 days


Report :

Have a log of all points, coupons and recent activities


Member :

Can manage all members such as Such as viewing reward points, removing members, sending messages to members


Promotion :

Send promotion details to customers directly via Line OA and customers can click to receive coupons via Line OA


Coupons :

Manage all coupons


Point Management :

Management all points


LINE OA Setting :

Config all LINE system


Staff System :

Manage all staff who are in charge of LINE OA


Rich Menu for shop :

Manage rich menu templates and menus


Rich Menu for customers :

Manage rich menu templates and menus, including viewing links for connecting Line OA Talk to Line OA Bot.

Extend sales through your own channel with the Member system on LINE OA from

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